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23 5 月, 2021
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23 5 月, 2021 Campaign Manager

Boosted by Lightricks

Tykono Case Studies

UA Region: China
YEAR: Late 2020
Client Website:
Conversion Target: Install/Subscription Campaigns
Product info:
Boosted by Lightricks Ltd, headquartered in Israel, is an one-stop-shop app for social media marketing & visual content creation. The App aims to boost small businesses and brands by engaging content for all social media platforms.
  • While Boosted offers higher quality content and better user experience with In-App purchases, its Chinese rivals offer similar functionalities with more domestic & localized contents
  • Most small business owners are used to free Apps downloadable from local android stores, but Boosted only has its iOS version launched in China
  • Same ROAS target as on Facebook and other overseas platforms without fully localized the app
Creative Strategy:
  • Anaylising existing campaigns run by clients on Facebook and TikTok
  • Locating B2B target groups & Identifying their needs: the easiest and most efficient way to create short video content for product promotion
  • Creating User Generated style video ads optimized particularly for Douyin (Chinese verison of Tiktok),combined with trendy topics and soundtracks

Campaign Management:
To kick off the Boosted Purchase Campaign, relevant postback data for trail and purchase events were delivered to Tykono via Appsflyer.
Week 1, campaigns were launched on Douyin (Tiktok China) and Baidu Search. Our campaign manager used ladder bidding methods to run install campaigns
Week 2, campaigns switched to In-App-Event optimization for purchases and subscriptions
Through A/B testing, our campaign manager optimized ROAS with the best performing creatives
  • CPA became stable after week 2
  • Significantly improved & maintained high ROAS
  • Client increased the budget by 800%: Compared to the other 2 agencies who were also running campaigns for Boosted, Tykono got the best results
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