Farmland by Homa Games

16 11 月, 2021
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16 11 月, 2021 Campaign Manager

Farmland by Homa Games

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Mid 2021 – Present

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Product info:

FarmLand is a chill farming game. Players can grow fields, take care of animals, hire workers and build bigger barns. It has many satisfying activities such as plant watering, cow milking, tree shaking, sheep shearing and much more. When harvest season comes, produces can be sold to the merchants in town which helps players become the greatest farming tycoon on earth, the moon and beyond.
  • Pass cold-start with lower CPI
  • Increase DAU to 5000+, maintain low CPI during a competitive time(Summer Vacation)
  • Monthly active users 210000+, maintain CPI below $0.55
Creative Strategies :
  • For creatives, using iterations with various intros & story tellings to increase CTR and Playback Rate
  • For visuals, hack versions are used for screen recording; eye catching contents are built using After Effects; appealing images are put on various placements
  • For user interaction, increase audience engagement with clear CTA, asking the audience how they’d manage their own farms
UA Strategies :
  • Testing and selecting the best channels of traffic: Ocean Engine, Kwai, Tencent, etc. ,while making corresponding creatives for each placements
  • Setting a 2-day period to monitor ad-sets performance, targeting, and creatives
  • Using different bidding strategies such as double auto bid, bid for 2nd day retention, low bid and Butler mode etc.
  • Testing a large amount of diverse creatives under different AD accounts
Result :
  • On Day 5, Ad-sets passed cold starts and reached $0.55 target KPI
  • On Day 7, The spend of single AD Account increased to $1500, more than 2700 installs
  • Took advantage of compensation of advertising platforms with low bid.
  • Day 13 2000 of DAU, Day 16 4000 of DAU
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