Ice Cream by TapNation

30 8 月, 2021
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30 8 月, 2021 Campaign Manager

Ice Cream by TapNation

Tykono Case Studies

UA Region: China
YEAR: Late 2021 – Present
Client Website:
Conversion Target: Install/Retention
Product info:
Ice Cream Inc. is all about giving players the power to control an endless stream of ice cream. With a few taps, players can combine all their favorite flavors in the ultimate summer snack. The hypercasual hit is all about capturing that relaxing sunshine joy and satisfying sweet tooth desires.
The cost of UA has been increasing in the Chinese market, since the game has never run any campaigns there, our main challenge was to maintain the lowest CPI possible while bringing Ice Cream to a more diversified audience.
Creative Strategies:
  • Using UGC style, footages of real ice cream with voiceovers, etc..
  • Producing large quantity of creatives daily to keep up with account spend
  • With In-Game Assets, the design team used After Effects to demostrate stronger visuals than screen recording mixing films.
Optimization Strategies:
  • Multiple AD accounts with low bids
  • Using double-bidding strategies to increase retention rate
  • Running ad-sets with compensation strategy to ensure low CPI
  • Number of daily install increased by 264%, CPI reached target within 2 days
  • Client increased their budget by 50%
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