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Tykono Case Studies

UA Region: China, South East Asia
YEAR: Late 2020 – Present
Client Website:
Conversion Target: Install/Subscription Campaigns

Product info:

Picsart, the app itself is full of creativity and diversity. It has a huge range of editing tools available, from basic adjustments like exposure and contrast, through to cinematic color grading and dramatic filters that transform images into painting-like pieces of art
Picsart has a relatively high yearly membership cost (¥398/Year), whereas its domestic competitors like, JiMeng, Xingtu, Meitu do offer similar features for free with no In-App ads
Our main challenge was to scale up the campaign traffic with low CPT(Cost per Trial)
Creative Strategies:
  • Determing main purpose: attract a younger audience with great buying power
  • Submerging target audience into real-time usage scenarios by using strong visual and vanishing effects
  • Besides pure postproduction creatives, UGC style creatives with high quality mixings were also used to match the characteristics of Douyin/TikTok
Optimization Strategies:
  • Cold Start Phase – In order to pass the cold start quickly, we created ad-sets specifically for search terms due to its brand awareness
  • Stable phase – Tested different creatives for in-feed placements with search ad-sets, using ladder bidding strategy to stimulate the account
  • Fatigued Phase – Ad-sets for Install campaigns that passed the compensation phase were immediately turned off. Tykono’s design team produced diverse genres of creatives to attract audience
  • CPT quickly reached the KPI target, with hundreds of subscription conversions in 3 days
  • After 2 weeks, with stabilized CPT & positive ROI, our ad-sets spend increased significantly
  • Client asked for further collaboration on more traffic channels
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