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MotionLeap (Pixaloop) by Lightricks, headquartered in Israel, is an App Store award-winning app, and one of the most popular image editing apps around the world. It allows users to create moving photos and animated images for a unique type of photo art! 


1, The 2020 economy has an impact on MotionLeap since there is a large number of MotionLeap users are travelers, who have hobbits of shooting and editing images in creatives ways, and COVID 19 caused everybody to stay indoors for so long so fewer users would have photographies taken outside. 

2, It needs a team who really dug into the features and know how to “play” the app in order to constantly come up with creatives that are created! 


Prior to launching the campaign on Ocean Engine for Douyin(Tiktok in China), Tykono analyses and deeply “play” with the MotionLeap app to better understand how users engage with the app. MotionLeap sent postbacks to Tykono, a leading mobile app tracking & attribution analytics platform. For thorough campaign and optimization, the most relevant postback events sent to Tykono includes Install>Activation>Purchase.

Unlike the other agency the client was working with, who basically only use client’s creatives that are running on Facebook Ads, re-edited and put it on Douyin. The Tykono creative team(Tykono Studio) reached out to the client’s design team, went through a smooth communication to discuss our ideas, and potential localized creatives would perform and acquire new users on Douyin. We soon created more than 30 creatives before launching our activity, and many of the creatives and ad sets perform way ahead of the client’s KPI, and several of them still last till today. 

The Tykono creative team always knows what’s trendy on the domestic social media platform, by combing the characteristics with App features and simplifying the tutorials and demos with high-quality content. Not only we have lowered the CPI and CAC, more importantly, but we have also created engagement among users who would comment, and begin shared our ads! For instance, when Jay Chau’s new movie 叱咤风云 trailer in December, whose car is a Toyota AE86, we created a video ad using MotionLeap’s feature which resonates with users who immediately remember one of their favorite animation and movie Initial D. And this is just one of the examples, browser more of our creative on our Instagram account TykonoStudio


The performance of our purchase campaigns was outstanding, with results outperforming KPIs and expectations. The Tykono Creative enjoyed A/B testing various visual scenes and elements, found great success in optimizing the interactive ads. Testing holiday-related video ads(Christmas in Particular) results in improved ROI, CAC. Noteworthy measures of success for the campaigns is true ROI increased by 10-13% percent. 

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