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Tykono offers a range of inbound solutions that helps your products thrive in China.

Inbound Digital Advertising

Power your inbound marketing activities with our multiple licenses of major platforms to reduce CPI and CAC – as well as boost ROI

Subscription Campaigns

Drive purchase campaigns and target new subscribers with more precision using our wealth of data-driven audience insights

Mobile User Acquisition

Use data-driven strategies and intelligent targeting to promote your unique application and build a strong base of highly-engaged users

Apps & Games Publishing

Protect your intellectual property and ensure your application succeeds in China by complying with local laws and meeting cultural standards

Creative Production

Help you maximize your ROAS by supplying mobile-optimized video ads for your brand – before implementing them into profitable campaigns

Brand Localization

Simplify the localization process by combining core translation with a specific cultural strategy covering online and offline campaigns

Influencer Marketing

Connect you with the most powerful influencers in China so you can run KOL campaigns that give your brand a real competitive edge

Content Marketing

Create and share the right kind of social media content for your expansion into China – tailoring your marketing campaigns to your ideal audience


Case Studies

Where Performance Meets Innovation… Our Work Speaks For Itself!

Why We Exist

Achieving Expansion Into China Is Incredibly Difficult For Most Businesses

Despite a 1.4 billion-user mobile application industry, driving brand success in the Chinese market has become increasingly tough for overseas companies. Whether it’s unfamiliar tools, cultural barriers, complex audiences or something else, companies who want to succeed in China need assistance from local experts.

Tykono's Advantages

With an experienced, professional team of international experts, Tykono partners with your business to make China’s market more transparent. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing reputable, reliable support for overseas organizations who want to expand into the world’s #1 consumer market and achieve a strong ROI


Our mission is to deliver the best results possible. Everything we do is data-driven and centres around reducing costs and increasing revenue


Customer service and quality output are what we do best. We treat all of our clients with the care and respect they deserve – all so they can achieve success in China


From designing creatives to exploring innovative solutions, Tykono is the proven, one-stop-shop for your Chinese expansion that consistently delivers excellent results


Every service offered to clients by Tykono is transparent and confidential throughout the process. It’s a fair, reliable solution you can trust

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